Why Buy Handmade?

Since both HUX and our partner brands produce handmade products, we wanted to tell you a bit about why we think choosing handmade and making thoughtful purchases is important.

For us it's simple. Supporting ethically handmade products makes a direct, positive impact to the lives of artisans and the state of our world. It's not solely about factories and climate change; it's also about fair-trade, money and art.


Admittedly, we didn't always fully understand the need for handmade products. In the process of bringing HUX to life, to find the perfect method and country for production, the most important lesson we learnt was about how the products were being made. So many of the questions we had about production were ignored and others bought disturbing revelations. We decided early on that HUX would stand on the side of art. To protect art, protect jobs and invest fairly in the artists who now produce our HUX originals. We decided we wanted to know exactly who was making our products. We wanted to know their names and stories and form a fair and sustainable partnership with them.

It is necessary to buy products made by human beings. This isn't just because we are complete hippies at heart (which we totally are), it's because what seems like small considerations like this, have a huge impact on not only lives, but also the way the fashion industry will grow.

(Image owned by @fabriziogianni, sourced via @fash_rev)


Now people are starting to care more about what they eat and question where their food is coming from. The same isn't happening as often for our clothing and accessories. Thankfully movements such as Fashion Revolution are contributing to change in this area. Just by questioning your purchases and asking where exactly your money is going, it can reveal a whole lot about the brands you buy from. Try asking 'where is this made?' before you ask, 'do you have this in other colours?' You might get some answers you really weren't expecting. We did.


If you’ve already shopped with us, you’ll notice that we plant the following quote on our products:

“She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.” - Rowell

We consider our accessories to be wearable art. Each piece handcrafted, each completely unique. For us, art needs to be handmade.
Something handmade may be a bit more expensive and won't always be factory perfect, but remember it's not simply 'made by hand’, it is also made with years of expertise, precise attention to detail, a lot of love and takes a huge amount of time. Handmade products are made by artists. 

We'll stay artists and creators. We'll support handmade items and companies who are concerned with every aspect of their brand, not just how the models look, but how the workers feel. We promise we will employ this ethic wherever possible. If you agree with us, stand with us in considering the brands you buy from
and make thoughtful purchases.


With love,


 p.s If you have any questions about how any of our products are made, please don't hesitate to contact us.