HUX is a new boutique from the UK, specialising in one-of-a-kind handmade bags and accessories from around the world. Founder and Creative Director Yasmine curates partners for the HUX boutique; hand-picking independent designers who represent her eclectic aesthetic and love of life in the tropics. In addition, she works directly with the design team in Malaysia to hand source fabrics, designs and produce the limited edition, hand-crafted HUX originals.
Our first collection by HUX, MERAKI, is available now.


“A well dressed woman approached me in an Oxford Street store in London. She admired my huge black suede, heavily embroidered bag and offered to buy it. I had fallen instantly in love with the bag and picked it up at a crowded, dusty market in Delhi, India. After a lengthy exchange, I refused her offer. Not to be deterred, she then tried to give me £200 cash to take it home. I realised then that my eye for all things uniquely magnificent could be just as special to other people. HUX was born right then.”


“Sometimes I want to dress like an African queen, 
meets turned-down-casual street artist with all the quirk of Iris Apfel
and a silent undertone of underpaid writer. Where does that fit in?” - HUX


HUX is the brand that says it’s ok to honour a mismatched style, to not be ‘on-trend’, to love a whole chorus of looks and ensembles all at once and not be boxed into fashion categories. The brand is truly bohemian in that sense.
But having a style that you completely adore doesn’t mean spending hours curating the perfect outfit or forcing yourself to think with the pizzazz
of a Japanese fashion designer.
Our HUX originals are inspired by the many places we've adored; from the hill tribe artisans of Chiang Mai, to the Batik beach linens of Bali, the backstreet structures of Kyoto to the kaleidoscopic architecture of Jaipur and everywhere in between. We try to infuse the brand with pieces of the aesthetic eccentricity we've found in far-away lands.

 Our Instagram account anotherbohemainqueen encapsulates the idea of a uniquely mismatched fashion. HUX will grow alongside that same feel and appreciation.

(HUX image: Inside the workshop)


The HUX collections are handmade in Malaysia by creative women who swapped their established jobs in the education sector for capturing their dream of owning a studio and bag workshop. Their expertise lie in crochet, and their passion in experimental design with all kinds of textiles and tapestries.  We believe in building powerful partnerships so small businesses can unite to help each other thrive. Some of our HUX originals can take more than one day to fully complete. As each item is handmade, it is also completely unique. We make a limited amount of each design to preserve the individuality. We believe in paying workers and partners fairly, investing in sustainable methods of production and celebrating handmade products. To find out why we chose to produce handmade products, click here to read more. 


Our Partners are like-minded brands who celebrate handmade, unique designs. To see who we are partnering with right now, click here.

We hope you love HUX as much as we do. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email by clicking here


With love,