Bare + Boho: Organic alternatives for conscious parents 

Enter Bare + Boho, the successful online store which provides environmentally alternatives for parents seeking a conscious lifestyle. The store offers a range of reusable organic cloth nappies and pads, swimwear, and lifestyle accessories for both mums and bubs!

Bare + Boho is the home of the Ultimate Snap-In-Snap-Out Nappy System, featuring Australia’s first reusable and wipeable Nappy Shells, created by Australian mother, Jordan Mcgregor, who wanted to reduce her family’s environmental footprint and streamline nappies in this modern, conscious world. The entire collection features beautiful, vibrant boho designs, which Jordan believes are just as key as organic materials.

As a passionate advocate for lifestyle change, Jordan hopes to use Bare + Boho as a journey to influence and use as a platform to inspire sustainable living, she says “I want the range to reflect the lifestyle pillars important to me - bare basics, minimal living, and reducing”.

As the journey of this Australian online store expands into 2019, she aims to strongly convey transparency and communication about the process, creation, manufacturing and distribution of products so that each experience is personal to her customers.

We spoke to Jordan about where she sees her plight for sustainability in the future and how she founded her thriving business. With these amazing reusable cloth alternatives in circulation, the goal is to educate parents and reduce the use of disposables.


Could you tell us little bit about yourself and what led to the creation of your own online, sustainable business?

Growing up, we were influenced early by natural and alternative health and foods through our parents who were always a step ahead of the trend when it came to eco, minimal and healthy lifestyle choices. At the time my 3 sisters and I didn’t always appreciate the difference in choices our parents made for our family, but looking back now, I am so thankful! And funnily enough, now as a parent, I see many similar patterns and choices being made! Life is interesting, isn’t it?

Motherhood did end up happening a lot sooner than was part of my “life-plan” though, yet I wouldn’t change it!

I had my mind set on a different career path, studied an interesting degree in foreign affairs and diplomacy, and had big plans for the future! 

Yet at 23, after a whirlwind romance with a quiet fellow student from Zimbabwe (with a subtle yet adorable accent), an intimate wedding and three months later, we found ourselves surprised with the wonder of pregnancy. Life had different plans!

Once my little man arrived, I really longed for a deeper more conscious lifestyle. I transitioned from vegetarian to vegan, became more heavily interested in health and overall lifestyle choices, which led me down the path of reducing our family’s environmental footprint. There began the intense interest in all things reusable, resulting in lots of switches to cloth alternatives - which led me to begin designs for my own range, based on gaps I found in the market at the time... Resulting in the creation of “Bare and Boho".


What inspired the name Bare + Boho?

At the time we were based up in North QLD in a small coastal town, spending our days by the sea, with a baby who was always naked and living a lifestyle that involved the very ‘bare’ basics of minimal living.

Then, the Boho side: A Bohemian often refers to someone living on the outskirt of normal accepted society, dancing to the beat of their own drum...this resonates with us too! Not to mention the free-flowing colours, patterns and designs often classified as “boho”. 

So the two words together really summed up both my lifestyle choice and also vision for the range.

What do you have in mind and look for when sourcing your eco-friendly products?

I design most of our reusable alternatives, based on needs I have personally as a woman and a mum! 

I really aim to ensure I am promoting products that don’t 'add' clutter to your life, but rather have a specific place - a product that enhances and helps, a product that offers a solution and aids the transition to reusable products to feel as effortless as possible.

My needs are constantly changing, as a woman and as a mum to a now toddler-sized human! So the range will continue to evolve (and improve) as our needs and vision evolves and changes! 


How do you want to inspire parents regarding sustainability?

My goal with this evolving collection is to provide affordable, effective and quality-designed reusable solutions to commonly used disposable items, to make them visually appealing, and for them to be sourced or manufactured ethically is just as important!

I would love for this journey to heavily influence other important and vital lifestyle changes, of which one of the most important - encouraging further exploration of plant-based eating and eradication of animal based exploitation / animal agriculture in our lifestyle. This industry is far more damaging to our land, environment and health than plastic reduction, and for me, it really does go hand-in-hand.

A driving motivational factor in this endeavour is being able to use the business as a platform to share matters that are important to me. The response from our growing community is that they appreciate being offered alternative products. This makes Bare + Boho, not just about selling products, but rather about encouraging people to make conscious lifestyle changes so that we can thrive, our animals can live free of fear, and our environment be less heavily burdened by excess waste where possible.


Since you started Bare + Boho, what have you learned about the industry that you didn’t know previously?

When I first started out, I envisioned an Australian-manufactured range of products, that was locally made and supportive of local industry. 

It wasn’t long into the journey that these dreams were shattered and I realised that for this business to really thrive I would have to source our materials and manufacturing facilities elsewhere. It almost deterred me. 

But, I really felt I could offer so much benefit to others; help families reduce their household waste and costs, as I had done, and really felt the unique design and vision of my brand would offer a fresh face to a very misunderstood and underground lifestyle choice. 

Cloth nappies and other reusable items were far from mainstream, were not big on social media and hence not getting the fresh interest, and were not that well established as an industry in Australia.

Our appearance on Shark Tank Channel 10 and our interviews on national media outlets thereafter and since have really shed new light on reusable cloth products, on the industry overall and, in our case, have certainly hugely grown our community - which ultimately means more cloth items in circulation (and hopefully less disposables!).

What would you like the sustainable fashion industry to look like in 5 years?

2019 holds big things for us! 

We are making the rounds of our manufacturing facilities and our staff abroad, will be much more communicative about this side of our brand and really ensure high transparency about the process of our items - from conception to customer. This is so interesting to me as a brand owner and designer, but also will be valued by our growing community. 

I really think this is what customers are demanding and deserve to know - regardless of industry; whether it be fashion, food (animal products), farming, etc. 

I would love to see greater understanding of what is involved in creating, manufacturing, distributing and using the products shared by brands, including our own, so that the journey is personal to the customer. I think it's important the customer is aware of the good and challenging aspects business owners can face. It can be really unacknowledged in this day of fast-fashion and non-conscious consumerism.

I would love to see the uniqueness of Australian brands - the vibes, the designs, the ideas and innovation that we have in abundance, be shared globally. I think we have a lot of great concepts to share with the world and would love to see Australia as a leading force in transparent, sustainable and ethical brand and product production.




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